After Sunset was released, New Rose proposed MGR to join its label Lively Art that the media used to present like a French attempt "à la mode" 4AD or Factory . Thanks to Sunset, the band began to appear in the press with interviews and chronicles. Completed by Daniel Brajkovic (bass guitar), the time came for MGR to gig around, at le Gibus first, then for the festival Ouï FM at le Théatre Mouffetard . For the forthcoming album, the studio Mix-it was chosen, mostly because two former members of Metal Urbain, Charles Hurbier and Eric Debris were in charge there. The first recording was the Party for the compilation 13 just before the second album 70 Suns in the Sky.

In november, MGR started a tour in France supporting And Also the Trees. At the same time, MGR was getting involved in the hazy pseudo-movement self named "Touching Pop" with bands like Asylum Party and Little Nemo. The results was an intensive performance period for MGR with venues like L'Elysée Montmartre or le Bataclan in Paris. This is when Lively Art, the key actor of the "Touching Pop" movement released the CD single TP. This single shows the three bands, MGR, AP and LN united, playing all together the song Tribes are Meeting under the name of TeePee.

In the middle of this active period, 70 Suns in the Sky was released along with the single Mary's Garden. To fulfill Lively Art 's whish, MGR recorded new songs to be added to Sunset for the forthcoming CD version. The last event in the fall of the 80's was for MGR the night of "la Loco à 3 ans" with Ian Mac Culloch in the famous Parisian club la Locomotive.

In early 90, Sunset was issued in CD format with 5 bonus tracks. That was just the perfect time to see MGR on TV screen, playing around in the "Buttes Chaumont" garden, or in the Mary's Garden video clip. To go on with novelty, MGR recorded the four tracks 12-inch single Hot Shot in Space. There was still some compilation affairs around with the Party included on the Lively Art compilation 13 and a completely insane home-made version of the Nightmare dating from 85 included on l'Appel de la Muse.

Hot Shot in Space was the last production of MGR for Lively Art. Actually, MGR decided to join New Rose while Lively Art was separating from it. That was also the occasion for MGR to get rid of the meaningless Touching Pop burden and to be seen as a pop/rock band instead of a sad and desperate new wave diehard one.