The tracks of the 12-inch single Hot Shot in Space were previously meant to be part of the next album, Highway Planet, except Mary's Garden (Angela Mix), a remix of the original version, used for the video clip and for the free Lively Art single TP3 distributed by Virgin. In june 90, MGR was invited to an eccentric performance with Michel Bulteau , known as a rock poet, within the context of "le marché de la poésie". Although interesting, this surprising association was never reiterated.

Highway Planet was released with an unusual sleeve, very different from the previous albums. Actually, the original sleeve designed by Cécile was considered too *strange* by New Rose and replaced by a more *common* one. Nevertheless, MGR was chosen by New Rose to be one of the band to celebrate the ten years anniversary of the label. Other bands to play this evening were Little Egypt, les Croaks and Calvin Russel. As a consequence, two songs, Kiss Me Love and Mary's Yellow Dreams were included on the compilation Live au Kremlin volume deux. Live recording from any of the French bands that played during this festival where gathered on this compilation while Live au Kremlin volume un was dedicated to Foreign bands.

In early 91, MGR and the Touching Pop crew met again on stage for the festival "Les Etats Genéraux du Rock" in Montpellier. At this moment, the band had changed again. A second guitar player, Stéphane Michaud, has completed the staff while Daniel Brajkovic was replaced by Thierry Sobezyk to play the bass. Beginning of 92, Michel Ange,a drummer, joined MGR but, as from ever, only Cécile and Jérôme went back to Mix-It studio to record their last album Mary in Wonderland.

Mary in Wonderland was released in october. Unfortunately, the conditions were not good as New Rose was about to disappear. Hence, MGR had to manage on its own. Although the chronicles were good, playing live was the only way to promote the album and to maintain the band alive. So, MGR played more than ever but after several months things were getting worse. In 93, the situation had gone hopeless and the troubles raising within the band led to some catastrophic gigs. Obviously, the end was near. Indeed, Cécile decided to leave, soon followed by Thierry.

Nevertheless, MGR was not dead yet. Jérôme was surely very dubious about going on without Cécile. He was eventually persuaded to keep MGR alive with new keyboard and bass players. However, after a short period and only one gig, he realized that was a mistake and gave up, closing the last chapter of the story of MGR.