Jérôme Avril

Cécile Balladino

Lead guitarist, singer and composer, he has been with MGR from the beginning to the end.

Formerly playing keyboard for Brigades Internationales, she founded MGR with Jérôme. She left the band a few times before the end.

Stéphane Michaud

Thierry Sobezyk

Guitar player for MGR from 1991 to the end.

Formerly playing bass guitar for Asylum Party, he joined MGR in 1991 to replace Daniel. He left the band a few times before the end. He passed away in 2019.

Daniel Brajkovic

Bass player with MGR for the early gigs, he first left in 1989, was back in 1990 and was eventually replaced by Thierry in 1991. Daniel, "Bassiste à ses heures perdues" was a writer above all. He was found dead in june 1998.

N'oubliez pas ce que je vais vous dire:
END'S CODA ! et tout sera justifié.
END'S CODA mes frères ! et nous serons sauvés.

Quitte à en crever - Flammarion 1993
Chiens féroces - Rivages/Noir 1998

Gilbert Correy

Philippe Planchon

Michel Ange

Florence Cadet

Drummer in the early years, formerly member of Brigades Internationales.

He played bass guitar in the early years while he was guitarist for Asylum Party.

Drummer in the late years.

Manager of the band from 1991.