Mary Goes Round on the web since 1998
December 2009 - Brachko's first album "The Man With The Hammer" is available
September 2008 - Mary Goes Round on the compilation "Movement One vol.2"
  • The song "the Eagle (version 2007)" is part of the compilation "Movement One vol.2" released by the label Str8lineRecords.
January 2008 - Brachko, the return of Mary
  • It is not really the return of Mary Goes Round because only Jérôme is part of Brachko. Anyway for now, you can listen to 6 Brachko's tracks on Brachko on MySpace. The web site for Brachko will also be available soon.
September 2007 - Homage to And Also The Trees
  • As part of the project "Beyond the Horizon", Jérôme Avril recorded "Anchor Yard" from the album "Farewell to the Shade" as an homage to And Also The Trees. You can download the song at AATT Untangled, "Beyond the Horizon" or take a listen on the BTH MySpace site.
March 2007 - Interview with Mary Goes Round
  • Read the interview with Mary Goes Round in Elegy magazine #46. The track "Mary Sleeps Alone" appears on the CD sampler given free with the mag.
  • Have a look at Mary Goes Round live at "le Rex club" venue (Paris) in 1991, in the Audio/Video section.
February 2007 - Mary Goes Round anthology released
  • This anthology comes as two doubles CDs. The first volume labeled "Way To Wonderland" gathers the two albums "Sunset" and "70 Suns In The Sky" plus rare live and compilation tracks. The second volume labeled "Way Back Home" gathers the two albums "Highway Planet" and "Mary In Wonderland", the maxi "Hot Shot In Space" and also some rare bonus tracks. You can find more infos about this anthology in the Discography item and on Infrastition label's web site.
December 2006 - Mary Goes Round on the compilation "15 - Infrastition sampler 2006/2007"
  • The song "the Party" is part of the compilation "15 - Infrastition sampler 2006/2007" released by the label Infrastition.
October 2006 - Announcing Mary Goes Round anthology
  • All Mary Goes Round albums plus some other tracks will be released on two double CDs by the label Infrastition. We'll keep you posted about track list and time frame. Stay tuned!
September 2006 - Mary Goes Round on MySpace
July 2006 - Asylum Party "The Grey Years vol. 1 & 2"
  • The Grey Years is the title of the Asylum Party anthology released by the label Infrastition. Through these two double-CD, you'll find the entire track of the Parisian band.
February 2006 - Mary Goes Round 20 years anniversary
  • For their 20 years anniversary, Mary Goes Round does some revamping. Come to see .. and hear.
  • The video clip "Mary's Garden" is part of the compilation "RVB-Transfert" released by the label Optical Sound.
October 2004 - Irrelevant "Black sheep"
  • We are pleased to announce the release of Irrelevant "Black sheep", new album of Philippe Planchon once guitar player-singer of Asylum Party who also played bass guitar for Mary Goes Round in the early years of the band. More about this album at Infrastition.
June 2004 - Mary Goes Round on the compilation "Le regard du sourd"
  • The song "Useless Day" from the album "70 Suns in the Sky" is part of the compilation "Le regard du sourd" released by the fanzine Twice.
November 2003 - Site update
  • Have a look at Mary's Garden video clip in RealVideo format in the "Audio" item.
  • The new "News" items is available.
September 2003 - Interview with Jérôme Avril
  • You can read an interview with Jérôme Avril in the fanzine Twice #22.
July 2003 - Site update
  • The "Stuff" item is now available.