Jérôme, Daniel and Gilbert - Berlin 1983

In the early 80's, Jérôme Avril, Daniel Brajkovic and Gilbert Correy are young beginner musicians. In their rehearsal studio in Saint-Ouen, close suburb of Paris, they are building their own repertoire that will remain very confidential. The chosen name for the band is Norimbergae.
This unpronounceable name is obscur, as the band and its music are. After a while, the name will shrink to Nor, which will not matter a lot indeed.

At the beginning, the structure of the band is changing a few when other people are entering then leaving the game. Eventually, the band will exist as a trio.
Jérôme plays the bass guitar, Daniel the guitar and Gilbert drums.

Nor - Paris le Cithéa 1983

Nor - Berlin 1983

The musical shape of the band is given by the cold mood of the times and the state of mind of the members.
The ambiance is definitely cold, words, music and singing are depressing, gloomy, monotonous.

The whole story of the band is short. A demo that has never been used, three gigs (Paris le Cithéa, Berlin and a festival somewhere in a far suburb of Paris) and that's it.
While the band was looking for a singer, Gilbert decided to leave and joined Brigades Internationales. We know what will happen then.

Jérôme - Paris le Cithéa 1983