Mary sleeps alone - The promised land - Teardrops again
From the album Sunset.

Mary's garden - Eagle - Kiss me love
From the album 70 Suns in the Sky.

Orange car - Shut up and die - Mary I love you
From the album Highway Planet.

Paranoia - Miss you - L'ami saoulant
From the album Mary in Wonderland.

Mary's yellow dreams
From the maxi Hot Shot in Space.

The party
From the compilation 13.

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The nightmare (85)
From the compilation L'Appel de la Muse. It is dating from 1985 when Mary Goes Round was not even existing. It was recorded on a four tracks tape recorder in house, hence the very peculiar sound. Of course, it was not meant to be released on any record. Only Jérôme plays on this completely bonker version.

The shelter (87)
From the compilation Unreleased volume I. This is the only studio track in the official discography of Mary Goes Round where the band plays with a drummer. This song was preferred to Any Mary I See and The Nightmare to appear on this compilation in 1987.

Any mary I see (87)
This unreleased version is one of the songs that was recorded for the compilation Unreleased volume I in 1987 and finally left aside.

Dark times (demo)
In 1988, Mary Goes Round produced a demo to find a deal with a record company. The songs on this demo were The promised land, The night, The great desire, Dark times and Another sunset. After the deal was made with New Rose, MGR was suggested to forget about this demo and record a better quality production LP. So, all of the tracks of this demo have remained unreleased except Another sunset that is one of the bonus tracks on Sunset CD and cassette.

The party (1st version)
After Sunset was recorded in 1989, Mary Goes Round planned to record the next album in another studio. MGR and Mix-it, the new studio, took the opportunity of the recording of The Party for the forthcoming compilation 13 of Lively Art to start working together. This first version of The Party was considered as a trial and left aside while the definitive version was recorded later, along with 70 Suns in the Sky.

Marie adore ça (live)
Recorded live at the Maracana (Bordeaux) in 1993.

On my way back home (live)
Recorded live at the MJC Magnan (Nice) in 1989 during the support tour with And Also the Trees.